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So, strict IG girl diet means...?

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4-Mar-11 5:17 am

 really - pure flour contains salt??

just checked the packet in the cupboard - 1% sodium per 100g - so extremely low in salt??? 

I thought bread was allowed but make sure you choose low sodium white bread rather than whole grains?? Flat corn or rice bread perhaps??? not in the morning though and certainly not huge heavy portions?

Just my interpretation of the girl diet cook book - but like i said above I could be wrong - really don't know how I'm going to cope with the diet - I've been experimenting with recipes (not TTC until mid year) but when I try a day here or there I feel like I'm starving - light headed, queasy and unfortunately when I feel queasy I crave salt :( So I figure a bit of bread, IG raspberry muffins, flour based items amongst all the yoghurt, milk, aspartame, chicken, leeks, beans and supplements - is better than something high in salt????? 

Ok maybe I'm grasping at straws :P but I have to find a way to make the diet managable and achievable. 

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