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Lime Juice Douche

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17-Oct-09 5:58 pm
Do you know how much lime juice you need per oz of water in the lime douche? My Ph strips don't go down to a ph of do you determine how much lime juice to mix in? Also when you bd, if you dont use the lime tampon, do you need to douche every 1/2 hour for 4 hours? Wont that kill all the sperm in you? Please help!! Is replens better than the douche for before or after bd'ing? Thanks!

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17-Oct-09 10:07 pm

Generally you do 50/50 lime and distilled water which means if you use 3 oz of water, you also use 3 oz of lime. As for post BD douching, you only douche if your ph goes above a 4.5. So you may not need to douche every half hour, just check ph every half hour and only douche when ph gets too high. For me personally I only needed to do the 3ml of lime/water 5 min after BD and my ph usually stayed low for the 4 hours. HTH!

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18-Oct-09 10:08 pm

Even if your ph stays low, after the 4 hours, is it advisable to do the tampon w/lime douche?  unclear to me in the FAQs ...

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19-Oct-09 6:19 am
How much douche do you use before bd? And how do you measure 3ml afterwards when you are using a standard douche bottle? Thanks so much for your help!

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19-Oct-09 7:05 pm

I'm a nurse, so I just brought home a 5 cc syringe from work.  I used lime juice and Evian water. I mixed 4 cc water with 4 cc of lime. Then between 30m to 1 hr prior to bd, I did a 5 cc douche. The first month I tried, I also did a 3 cc douche afterwards, but didn't get preggo. The second month (and month I got preggo) I only did douches before.

As far as the replens, I did finger tip every other day (only once a day) from cd 14 to cd 20.

I o'd on cd 16 or 17.


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19-Oct-09 7:52 pm
Thanks for the info! How many times did you try? Did your sway work? Greatest of luck!


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8-Jan-15 11:56 am
Hi, does anyone know if it's ok to use fresh lime? Or does it have to be bottled?

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8-Jan-15 1:11 pm
how much rephresh do you use?
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